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People ask why choose To Desire? Here’s why:

Because our products are intentionally designed to be versatile and inspire our daily roles in life:

  • To Desire wraps, shawls and shrugs make women feel empowered, confident, beautiful, sophisticated, secure, protected and loved.
  • To Desire products empower and inspire women to express themselves and make the statement they want fashionably.
  • To Desire wraps and shawls are extremely versatile, innovative and distinct so that they can be worn in numerous ways with many looks.

Because our product empowers women:

  • To Desire products give women a voice that can be heard and seen.
  • To Desire products create awareness of women in the world who are not permitted the freedom of choice, are stripped of their voice and forced into sexual slavery (including child brides, brothels and human trafficking).
  • To Desire products empower two women; the buyer and an impoverished woman.

We seek to influence the world and women who want to feel empowered; her voice to be heard; to feel loved and protected; to know that she matters and that someone out there is listening.